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Hitachi Sustainability

2 March 2022

Powering Ahead on the Road to Net Zero

As we pass the 100 days since COP26 milestone, our focus now needs to be on accelerating progress on the road to net zero. This means working with stakeholders to move beyond the pledges and start the action plans for delivery.

From a Hitachi point of view, with the tailwinds of the Glasgow showcase behind us, 2022 is off to a flying start. As a social innovation business, we are uniting all of our resources behind the common cause of the environment – it’s the connector that flows across our businesses globally and it’s the link to the types of challenges that our clients and partners are facing.

Here’s a whistle-stop tour of eight of our major live projects:


High-speed progress

At the end of 2021 we were appointed to build High Speed 2 rolling stock for the new high-speed network and to provide direct services via the existing mainline railway. This complements the work we’re already doing, building trains for Europe from our plant in Italy, and delivering trains in the UK for the East Midlands Railway and Avanti West Coast partnership operations.


Battery-powered rail travel

Battery technology is right at the heart of our rail strategy – from Dencha battery fleets in Japan to our new hybrid Masaccio trains in Italy. In the UK we’re currently trialling retrofitting batteries on GWR and TransPennine diesel electric fleets. Watch this space for more in 2022.


The city of tomorrow, today

In the last twelve months we’ve made some great progress with the Kashiwa-no-ha Smart City project in Japan. Our ambition here is to develop a community in harmony with nature, one that provides safety, comfort, and convenience to residents—without compromising quality of life. The Hitachi-powered energy management system delivers the efficient use, monitoring, and control of local energy by sharing electricity across district boundaries, reducing CO2 emissions, and making energy information visible. This smart city remains under development and continues to grow.


Powering the grid of the future

The Hitachi Energy operation has delivered more than half of the world’s high-voltage direct current (HVDC) projects including NordLink, a 623-km long HVDC electricity interconnection that links German and Norwegian power markets for the first time, and Dogger Bank Wind Farm which connects the third transmission link, more than 130-km long, from the world’s largest offshore wind farm to the UK mainland.


Accelerating sustainable solutions

In April 2021, Hitachi Energy launched EconiQ™, the eco-efficient portfolio for sustainability that is proven to deliver superior environmental performance compared to conventional solutions. It’s a key part of our overall strategy to provide product, system, software, and service solutions across the power value chain, to meet the demand for electricity, with minimum environmental impact, across many different business areas, from railways and mobility to information technology and automation, to water and energy management and healthcare.


EVs accelerating ahead

In the UK, we’re right at the heart of the world’s largest commercial electric vehicle trial to date though a project called Optimise Prime. We’re collaborating with Royal Mail, Uber, UK Power Networks, Centrica and Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks in a three-year trial that will inform the UK government on how best to develop its EV infrastructure.


Electrifying European buses

In 2021 we signed a partnership with Shenzhen Bus Group, one of the largest new energy public transportation groups in the world. Together, we’re helping European Bus operators and municipalities electrify their bus fleets and, having electrified 10,000 of its own vehicles, Shenzhen Bus Group brings a wealth of operational expertise to the table. It’s all about the combination of energy and mobility – from the grid to the edge, to the charger, to the battery, to mobility.


First Bus decarbonisation project 

Also last year we agreed a strategic partnership to support First Bus Glasgow in its decarbonisation journey, starting with the provision of 148 electric buses over the next 18 months to Caledonia depot. The partnership encompasses battery finance, smart charging software, and on site zero carbon power generation.

There are many more projects like this and the key to achieving our collective climate change ambitions lies in collaboration with like-minded partners to find total solutions to arguably the biggest challenge our planet has ever faced. We’re ready for the next stage of the journey.

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